Soundtrack Album

Armand Amar works again with the director Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 5 years after the worldwide success " Home".

Release the Septembre 25, 2015 (Erato / Warner Classics)
- Réf. 0825646025794 -

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1 Mongolia 03:43 (interpreted by Sarah Nemtanu, Henri Tournier, featuring Gombodorj Byambajargal)
2 Faces 04:12 (featuring Salar Aghili)
3 Dam in China 03:42 (interpreted by the children?s choir of the Maitrise des Hauts-de-Seine)
4 Castells 02:44
5 Nepal 02:45 (featuring Asif Ali Khan)
6 Paddy Fields 03:40 (interpreted by Gregoire Korniluk)
7 The Storm 03:57 (featuring Sara-Marielle Gaup and Isabel S?rling)
8 Shakuhachi 03:57 (interpreted by Suizan Lagrost)
9 Ploughing 02:54 (interpreted by Ibrahim Maalouf, featuring Ravid Kahalani)
10 Toil 03:32 (interpreted by Gregoire Korniluk, featuring Sara-Marielle Gaup)
11 Immigration 04:17 (featuring Gulay Hacer Toruk)
12 Haiti 02:25
13 Pepe Mujica 03:45
14 The Hidden Church 02:06 (featuring Youssou N?Dour)
15 Childhood 02:15 (featuring Isabel S?rling)
16 Human Life 01:58
17 Forgiveness 02:03 (interpreted by Sarah Nemtanu)
18 Swimming in China 02:44 (interpreted by Henri Tournier and Marc-Antoine Perrio)
19 Crowds 02:42 (featuring Gombodorj Byambajargal)
20 Human I 05:02 (interpreted by Gr?goire Korniluk)
21 Jerusalem 02:55 (from Vivaldi, featuring Divna)
22 Human II 04:19 (interpreted by Julien Carton)
23 Ghada?s Dream 02:11 (featuring Ghada Shbeir)


With: Asif Ali Khan, Divna, Ghada Shbeir, Gombodorj Byambajargal, G?lay Hacer Toruk, Isabel S?rling, Lisa Flandi, Nuria Rovira Salat, Ravid Kahalani, Salar Aghili, Sara-Marielle Gaup, Vahid Taj, Youssou N?Dour, Les Enfants Choristes de la Ma?trise des Hauts-de-Seine (vocals), Sarah Nemtanu (solo violin), Lise Berthaud (solo viola), Gr?goire Korniluk (solo cello), Philippe Noharet (solo double bass), Ibrahim Maalouf (solo trumpet), Jean Bollinger (trumpet), Jean-Paul Minali-Bella (arpegina), Vladimir Dubois (solo horn), Guillaume Begni, David Defiez, Gr?gory Sarrazin (horn), Guillaume Varupenne (bass trombone), Laurent Peziere (tuba), Catherine Cantin (flute), Morenn Nedellec (clarinet), Suizan Lagrost (shakuhachi), Quang Hai Tran, Axel Lecourt (Jew?s harp), John Boswell, Jo?l Grare, Victor Hanna, Antoine Hefti, Nicolas Lamothe, Ma?l Gu?zel (percussions), Henri Tournier (flutes, hulusi), Anja Linder (harp), Didier Francois (nyckelharpa), Marc-Antoine Perrio (guitar), Julien Carton (piano, celesta), Vincent Joinville (bass synthesizer), The City Of Prague Philharmonic, conductor Adam Klemens




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