"Music for HUMAN", the Making of

Realisation and Pictures : Elise Darblay
Editing : Nicolas Chopin Despres
Sound Mix: Aymeric Dupas
Music Mix : Vincent Joinville
Calibration : Remy de Vliegier
A production Humankind Production
With the participation of France Télévisions
A project of : La Fondation Good Planet
Presented by La Fondation Bettencourt Schueller
Executive Producer Jean-Yves Robin
Production director Eric Salemi
Artistic Producer Florent Gilard
Unité documentaires de France 2: Fabrice

1/5 - Collaboration Between Armand Amar and Yann Arthus-Bertrand :

“The Yann universe is something quite extraordinary that allows me to use what I love deep inside me where I can bring all my cravings .” Armand Amar

2/5 - About voices :

“I'm in love for years of Northern voices, Saami voice. I found that in this film they could get a kind of silence. Iranian voices , Persian or Pakistani voices are filled with many emotions while saaami or the voice of Isabel Sarling Sweden, they bring something, they are silent voices. There is very little.” Armand Amar

3/5 - Traditional music :

“Traditional music have captured me, they hit me, they have a direct relationship with emotion. They are sophisticated but not complicated at the same time.” Armand Amar

4/5 - Main Theme :

5/5 - A film in three parts :

“HUMAN these are people who speak to you to the 4 corners of the planet. No comments , I wanted the words resonate in the images, that's where the music can take Armand meaningful, sublimate the aerial views and testimony. HUMAN is a film in three voices : the voice of the people , the voice of the earth through aerial views , and of course the music of Armand." Yann Arthus Bertrand






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